SCHIB PACKAGING SRL is a leading-edge company in the production of horizontal flow-packing machines as well as automatic feeders and automated wrapping systems. We offer innovative and reliable solutions tailored to customer’s actual needs.

We started manufacturing wrapping machines in 1968. Over the years our experience has ranged from FOOD to NON FOOD sectors, realizing many optimal solutions for the most diverse industries.


We have developed applications for the food and confectionery industry, focusing on candy, lollipop, chocolate, biscuits, snacks, bread and bakery products, through to other food industries such as meat, fish, sausages and cold cuts, cheese and produce. Our range includes Modified Atmosphere Packaging machines.

We also deal with technical sectors, from pharmaceutical through to publishing and plastics. Moreover, we can offer wrapping solutions for wet wipes, personal care and household items. In the field of “components”, whether mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or automotive parts, we have developed wrapping machines that boast unparalleled technology, flexibility and performance.


Our background of expertise, efficiency and dynamism leads us to seize attentively the new challenges of a continuously evolving market, where an important role is played by stringent hygiene regulations and renewed attentions to health, environment and sustainability.